We’re Wondering: What are the Basics of Twitter Set-Up Etiquette?

So you’re taking the plunge into the Twitter-sphere.  Congratulations!  Whether it’s for personal use or to further your business goals, getting started with Twitter can feel overwhelming.  Remember that it’s not a race – although the pace of Twitter can make it feel that way.  Preparing an account and setting it up to suit specific needs can help a new Twitter user feel in control.  And, more importantly, it assures that a new account is seen in the best light.


Here are some quick and easy set-up tips for those new to Twitter.

  • Get a profile photo or avatar! Accounts with the Twitter “egghead” rarely gain many followers.  Choose a simple logo or a photo that shows you or your business clearly.  Your profile avatar can be up to 700k in the following formats: JPG, GIF, or PNG. Check out Twitter support for more details.
  • Fill in your bio and profile information. Include website addresses, and tell a little about yourself or your company.  Don’t include too much, but give details about how you plan to use Twitter.
  • Start off by following a few accounts similar to yours.  Use Twitter’s Categories search to find accounts in your geographic area or in your business field.
  • Avoid following too many people at once.  Not only can this get you into “Twitter Jail,” but it may keep potential followers away because they may think your account is actually a “bot.”
  • Don’t feel like you need to follow everyone who follows you. Take a quick look at the account’s tweets before following.  If they look interesting, follow! If not, don’t bother. It’s *your* Twitter stream, after all. In the same vein, don’t hesitate to unfollow an account if it’s not for you.
  • Stay away from auto-replies to your new followers.  Many folks on Twitter find them aggravating, and some even consider direct messaged links and “Thank You!” notes grounds for unfollowing.

Feel free to leave questions or additional Twitter Set-Up suggestions in comments.  We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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