Search Engine Optimization: Five Easy Ways to Boost Your Search Traffic

SEO Search Engine OptimizationHave you heard talk of writing copy that is “search engine” friendly, but you are not really sure what it means, or more importantly, how to do it?  No worries. We’re here to help make search engine optimization work for you.

Here are five easy things you can do to boost your search traffic with every post you write:

1. Always label your images with searchable terms. Think about what relevant terms someone might use in an image search that could bring them to your site. If you’re a restaurant, maybe you could highlight an upcoming event together with your location. For example, a photo of brunch at your restaurant would be labeled “Mother’s Day Brunch – Pleasantville.”

2. Use the same language in your copy that a potential customer would type in as a search term. As a simple example, if people might use “outdoor furniture” as a search term, for an article about your new shipment of patio tables, make sure you write about both patio tables and outdoor furniture for search engine optimization. A sample line of copy could read: “Our outdoor furniture collection now includes a new selection of patio tables.”

3. Use your key phrase three times in the post. Adhere to this useful public speaking advice: Tell them what you’re going to tell them. Then tell them. And last, tell them what you just told them. This same advice applies to writing searchable copy. To optimize search engine success, the key phrase you want the search engines to pick-up should be used at least once at the beginning of your post, once in the middle, and once again at the end.

4. Link a couple of terms internally and externally. Search engines like links, even if you’re linking back to pages on your own site. And,  you might also get a click on the link from a person reading, so it’s a win-win. Internal links help the search engine spiders find your site’s pages, too.  When possible, always link-out to an external site as well. Not only are external links good for SEO, it’s always nice to “share the love” and help promote others as well as your own site.

5. Know when to stop. Lastly, and most importantly, don’t forget your audience. Content is still king – don’t focus on search engine optimization at the expense of your copy. And whatever you do, don’t cheat. Only bring search traffic to your site that you can deliver quality to once you get them there. If you don’t have something authentic, relevant, and important to say – don’t tell the search engines that you do.

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