We’re Wondering: Can Small Facebook Pages Work Around Promoted Posts?

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It has always been a challenge for both small businesses and their customers to reach each other, even through the Facebook Pages.  Businesses don’t want to inundate their loyal following with posts every ten minutes, and usually that’s appreciated by the customer base.  However, because users check Facebook at different times of the day, it can be difficult to connect effectively without overdoing it.

While the Facebook Promoted Posts may be a good idea for some, not every small business can afford to continually promote posts in order to reach their customers. We’ve had questions come in from Facebook users about how they can continue to see posts from the pages they like best.  Not to worry!  The changes are not as drastic as the buzz implies, and we have found some suggestions for keeping everyone connected.

The obvious first step is to make sure that the pages you want to see are showing up in your News Feed. It’s easy to check this by hovering over the Like Button on a page and making sure there is a check mark next to “Show in News Feed.” Sometimes a business page has a particularly busy posting period  which causes some fans to opt out of seeing posts. Once that is done, making a Facebook Page List is the most effective method of keeping your favorite pages in one organized space. Pages, not just people, can also have lists of their favorite Facebook sites.  There are a couple of different methods to make sure you and your fans are getting desired content.

The most straightforward method is shown in this post by I Heart Faces. About halfway down the post, Amy Lucurto clearly explains how to create a Facebook list by using the Like Button. She also shares that it’s important to first make sure the desired page is in your newsfeed; that means you haven’t hidden it in the past. Once that’s done, you can either create a New List or add the page to an existing list.

Monica’s Musings writes about Facebook Lists in a slightly different way. She suggests using the toggle button to the right of the Message drop-down menu.  You have the same choices about lists.  You can either create a new list or add to an existing one.  Monica also has great graphics to make it easy to understand how to follow her instructions.

Either way, we suggest that you keep your lists clearly labeled.  For example, instead of “Love These” use “Local Eateries.” Or instead of “Important Info” use “National News Sources.” Clear labeling will help keep your pages streamlined and easy to find. And small businesses can make suggestions in their posts. Letting your customers know about these lists, even suggesting a category, will encourage fans to add your page.

Let us know how the Facebook Lists work for you! And don’t forget to add the Sandler & Wald Social Media Facebook page to your “Social Media Tips” list.


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