Giveaway: Peeing Alone and Cleaning Up the Lipstick on Your Teeth

3DcoverForWEB 250x335I’ve been working my way through the piles of books on my night table, and I just finished two collections filled with joy and tribulations and discomfort and hilarious antics. After admitting that I Just Want to Pee Alone, and reading all about furry underwear from Jessica at Four Plus an Angel and Pinteresty Valentines from Anna at Random Handprints, I was more than eager to dig into a collection of funny and relatable essays about how lopsided and quirky and vibration-ready life can be. Enter “You Have Lipstick On Your Teeth.”

Sandler & Wald business partner, Anna Sandler, has an essay in each of these collections. And her wit and candor embody some of what makes this latest collection so real. All the bloggers in “You Have Lipstick on You Teeth,” edited by Leslie Marinelli aka The Bearded Iris and editor-in-chief of the hilarious on-line community In The Powder Room, write as though they’re confided a tale they’ve been wanted to share since they first met you. It makes the stories come alive, and you’ll want to re-read each one to make sure you heard right the first time.

Addressing adoption, peri-menopause, masturbation, turning 40, crafts, and much, much more — there’s plenty for us all to MmmHmm over, relate to, and even learn from.

IJWTPA300x550I have a copy of EACH of these collections to giveaway to one lucky reader! Combine all the goings-on in the bathroom by getting the peeing and lipstick clean-up done all at once. To enter the giveaway, visit HERE and leave a comment there telling us all where you do your preferred reading. Is it in bed, in the bathroom, on the train, or perhaps sitting on a park bench surrounded by birdsong and sunshine.

Can’t wait to read the books? Buy your own copy using the links below and support these bloggers!



*We can only mail the books within the USA.

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