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Freelance Writing Resource List

Compiled by Nicole Leigh Shaw and Anna Sandler

This list is accurate to the best of our knowledge as of 6/5/14. These resources are, by and large, people we have worked directly or indirectly with, or come to us from colleagues. There are, of course, countless freelance opportunities. These are a smattering.

You should also know that editors and clients often pay freelancers within a range. Sometimes that range is based on the kind of work required (research heavy, lengthy). Other times it’s based on the writer’s ability, merit and experience.

We are striving to be transparent about the money, because it’s kind of the dirty little secret of freelance — no one talks paychecks. But, the truth is that the scales are very, very varied. To ensure you’re getting what you deserve, make certain to have a contract that outlines what you’ll be paid, and the deliverables required, in detail.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask for your own rate. The worst that can happen is that an editor says “nope.”

We’ve grouped this list by general pay range.


  • BonBon Break – accepts previously published posts as well as new material, the latter which is promoted more heavily. Submission form here:
  • The Huffington Post – it doesn’t pay, but writing for them can open a lot of doors. Email with your pitch or use their online form: You’ll need to include your name, a brief bio, your email address and your pitch. The pitch can be a short idea or the full text of your submission.
  • Lefty Pop – accepts guest submissions, 800 words or less. Full details here:
  • Money Saving Mom – she has a huge readership and is always looking for guest posts with a unique point of view, DIY projects, and stories for her series We Paid Cash! Details here:


  • NickMom – editor is Kristyn Pomranz. Humor for parents and women. They accept content on a highly selective basis. Flat payment of $50 with monthly incentives.



  • CrowdSPRING – compete to provide writing and design services.  Join here.


Helpful sites:

  • Media Bistro — has lots and lots of information about freelance opportunities, as well as web classes for writers:
  • Writer’s Market – this site is a subscription service, but also works in conjunction with the book they put our yearly, listing writing opportunities across many, many markets and publications: