Announcement: Georgette Gilmore Joins Sandler & Wald Social Media as a Consultant

GAXfKsecSandler & Wald Social Media is proud to announce that Georgette Gilmore has joined our organization as a consultant. For many years, Ms. Gilmore has been a vital asset for the Essex County community and beyond through her work as Editor-in-Chief for Barista Kids, an online parenting information source, and Baristanet, a pioneer in hyperlocal media blogging.

Brands and advertisers know that Ms. Gilmore’s integrity and savvy media knowledge will reach readers with sincerity and honest evaluations. Readers and subscribers have learned to trust and rely on Ms. Gilmore’s timely, detailed, and impeccable attention to detail.

We are honored that Georgette Gilmore has agreed to work with us, and we know that we, as well as our clients, will benefit greatly from her online and public relations experience.

Please get to know Georgette Gilmore here:

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