What We’re Wondering: Favorite Ways to Spend Time On-Line

time-wastingDon’t say you don’t do it. Everyone zones out once in a while. We all have our favorite places to take a virtual coffee break, and we thought we’d share them with you!

Like to work while you relax? Feeling creative? We strongly recommend visiting the site that commands you to Make 8-bit Art! Brought into the world by jennmoneydollars, you won’t regret spending a while tooling around. You can even show off your creations by saving them for all to see. Like making 8-bit art? Share a link to your saved creations in comments!

Maybe you’re the type who truly wants to just check out, and if you like leeks, here are five hours of just that. Ievan Polkka is addictive. You’ve been warned.

Need more of a storyline? Or do you just want to understand the lyrics? Whether or not you like muffins, this Muffinale will certainly give you character development, conflict, climax, and even a resolution. All in a minute and a half!

If you truly just want silly, mind-numbing time-wasters visit I Waste So Much Time.

Have your own favorites? Share them in comments!



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