Sunshine Sam Talks Transportation Toys

Things that make you go…Vrooom!

Things that make you go…Vrooom!

At Sunshine Sam, the focus is always on creative play. When kids have toys that remind them of the things they see around them every day in their neighborhood, they can use their imaginations and their experiences to build a world all their own. That’s why we love our transportation themed toys.

One of our favorite items is Box Play’s Recycling Craft Stickers that turn ordinary milk cartons into a fire truck, school bus, train or an ice cream truck. Taking something old that’s headed for the recycling bin and making it new again is a fun activity in its own right, but gaining a new toy in the process is even more exciting! There are plenty of designs available to create an entire cityscape which just adds to the recycled fun!

The LITTLE and BIG Sailboats are wonderful as a toy or as a piece of décor in the nautical-themed bedroom. Each boat is handmade of local Oregon pine with a non-toxic water resistant finish. They are sturdy and buoyant, so they can be enjoyed in or out of water. The sails are sewn in your pattern choice of 100% cotton fabric and the wooden portion can be customized with the boat’s name, your child’s name or a short phrase. These spectacular boats take some time to perfect, so for custom orders, expect about 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Our collection of handmade wooden cars, trucks and buses are sure to be a favorite in your home. Available in a variety of bright and playful colors, children will delight in rolling them around their make believe villages or a neighborhood play mat. They are easy to hold and are made of non-toxic wood and paint, so parents can know their kids are playing with safe toys. There are little people inside, of course, because someone has to drive! Some children choose to color or paint the wooden people, which just adds to the magic.

Sunshine Sam’s founder and owner, Marlene Lewis, says, “When I tell children that someone made the vehicles and boats with their own two hands, they are inspired. They want to learn to create or make up stories about them.” This is what Sunshine Sam is all about – getting children’s wheels, so to speak, in motion!


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