Surprise Balls at Sunshine Sam: The Gift that Brings the Party to You!

surprise balls

These colors say: Let’s Celebrate!

Looking for something fun and unique to give as a gift, party favor or to stuff inside an Easter Basket? Tired of the same old thing? Or maybe there is a child who loves the opening of a gift even more than the gift itself? Sunshine Sam has a fantastic solution!

Enter Surprise Balls, the toy you need to destroy to enjoy! Each ball is a collection of prizes wrapped in hundreds of yards of streamers. Children love unwrapping layer after layer to reveal fun surprises such as yo-yos, finger puppets, lollipops and clown noses. The larger sizes make a fun group activity for a group event or class party.

These handcrafted treasures are available at Sunshine Sam in two sizes. Regular size balls ($22) are slightly larger than a softball and contain 15 to 18 prizes. Favor size balls ($14) are a little bigger than a baseball and contain 8 to 9 prizes. The colorful standard streamer design is always in stock at the store and makes a great last-minute addition to any gift. Surprise Balls also come in a variety of colors and themes for holidays, seasons and special occasions. For custom Easter 2015 orders (like the adorable chick!), contact Sunshine Sam’s owner Marlene by March 25th!

Surprise Ball Chick!

Surprise Ball Chick!

Looking for something specific and personal?  You can custom fill Surprise Balls with gift certificates, cash, personal notes, or other items you supply. Visit our website for ideas or suggest one of your own. Custom orders may take up to three weeks to fill, so please keep that in mind as you plan your event. Contact Marlene for specific pricing and options for ordering.

For birthdays, holidays, get-well-soon gifts, or just a rainy day treat to bring out a smile, Surprise Balls are always a hit.

Only one Easter Chick is still in the store -- make a special order today!

Only one Easter Chick is still in the store — make a special order today!


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