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bow & arrow

Combine our customized “You’re Super!” masks with our child-friendly Bow & Arrow sets for creative outdoor play!

It’s time to get outside! The sun is starting to shine and the weather is warming up. After being cooped up in the house all winter, get ready for fresh air with a visit to Sunshine Sam for some fresh toys!

As always, we have our popular Bow & Arrow toys for fun outdoor (or indoor!) target practice. They are equipped with soft “arrows” that are appropriate for all ages. Stop in to Sunshine Sam and try them out!

OGOSport and OGOBild also offer loads of outdoor creative fun. We love the OgoDisk RAQ as a great way to get the whole family moving. Each set comes with two disks that act as hand trampolines and one Flux ball. Throw, catch and bounce the balls alone or with a partner. The Parker Activity Mat makes a great picnic blanket with built in games. It comes with four Bola balls for target fun, an exciting game of hot potato or just having a catch. It’s also useful for indoor games on rainy days. OGOBild, a giant construction set, allows kids to use their imaginations to build whatever plaything they choose. With 12 OGOBild Balls and 30 24-inch tubes, the possibilities are endless. Create a giant ball to roll and chase or drape the kids’ creation with a sheet for a secret hideaway fort.

bucket blastBucket Blast is actually fifteen games in one! Each set contains 6 buckets with belted straps, 6 blindfolds, 24 beanbags, 4 cones and a mesh bag to store it all. Instructions are included for all of the games, but with this much equipment in one box, kids will have a field day making up games of their own. This set is great for family fun or even a backyard party or play date!

What kid doesn’t love balloons? Our Rocket Balloons kit creates hours of fun! Use the pump (included) to blow up balloons and then watch them fly. As they deflate, they’ll zoom up in the air. Kids love trying to guess which way they’ll go as they scramble to catch them. Each kit contains 30 reusable balloons. Endless flying fun!

ladybug game

When the April showers are bringing May flowers, Sunshine Sam has you covered with fun springtime board games. Collect trees, vegetables, flowers and herbs as you move around the game board in Gathering A Garden or the ever popular The Ladybug Game. Young players will also enjoy practicing counting and reading as they help their Ladybug find the way home through challenges and obstacles.

As always, stop by the store or visit online 24 hours a day for many more ideas for battery free fun! Happy Spring!


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