Play Your Way to Celebrating Earth Day at Sunshine Sam


Endless opportunity for terrarium creativity!

Earth Day is almost here! To make the day fun and educational for the kids, check out some of Sunshine Sam’s eco-friendly, battery-free toys and activities with a focus on the environment.

With two Terrarium Kits, the store has the perfect way to build a small-scale woodland theme. One set includes a glass mason jar with perforated lid, small pebbles, moss and tiny toys to round out the scene. There are also instructions and plant recommendations. This is a great way for younger kids to get started with building their own little world.

A more complex Terrarium from Makers Kit helps turn any glass container into a living, growing terrarium. With soil, moss, decorative stones, herb seed packs, and dinosaur figures, kids of all ages will enjoy creating and growing scenes and landscapes of their own. Each kit is a unique gift!

The Give What You Grow Herb Holders are a fun way for kids to help grow ingredients that can be incorporated into meals. The herb pots, three per set, double as décor in a fun watering pot shape in a variety of styles and colors. They’ll look super cute on the window sill or mingled in with a larger garden. Once the herbs grow, they will also make a thoughtful gift for kids to give to grandparents, caregivers or anyone they’d like to share them with.


Washi Tape in dozens of colors and designs can make any item new again!

And what is an Earth Day theme without the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle? Our Washi Tape can transform ordinary household items into a work of art. Made of natural fibers, this Japanese paper tape is available in a wide array of colors, designs and patterns at Sunshine Sam! For a quick craft, wrap a cleaned out bottle of any shape or size with tape. In just a few minutes, you have a decorative vase to show off Spring’s first blossoms.

YOXO products are made from eco-friendly materials to create a unique building toy. Pair the Y, O, and X shaped pieces with old paper towel tubes and cut up cereal boxes for an exciting afternoon of endlessly creative construction!

Our Box Play stickers are old favorites for recycling everyday items. Transform your old cartons and tubes into all sorts of transportation methods and items for imaginative playthings. You can also check out the Cate & Levi collection of items and crafts made from recycled materials.

Brand New at Sunshine Sam! Drop off your old crayons at our Crazy Crayon area. We’ll send them away to be melted down and reshaped into whimsical new shapes so we can use them all over again! Stay tuned to our Facebook page for contests and prizes!

Spring Cleaning! Bring in your old and broken crayons!

Spring Cleaning! Bring in your old and broken crayons!

Sharing Earth Day has never been more fun and educational —  and at Sunshine Sam we have everything you need to make your footprint a little lighter.


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