Sunshine Sam has kites, pirate treasure, jewelry and more for spring!

11130126_992799450732130_3945410699859965425_nThere are so many wonderful springtime and outdoor toys at Sunshine Sam that we couldn’t resist a second round of showing them off. If you missed the first one, check out those cool games here.

Brand new battery-free arrivals to the store include lots of fun from Seedling! This creative and
whimsical company, based in New Zealand, offers many fun and innovative toys and activity kits to keep the kids engaged. One of our favorites, the Pirate Skeleton Excavation Kit will have young archaeologists breaking apart a pumice stone block to find the bones buried inside. Once the bones are revealed, piece them together to form the skeleton!

A windy day always calls for a kite, and with the Design Your Own Box Kite kit, you get enough glitter glue and paints to let your true colors soar with your persona21928_992791444066264_2432456869095842109_nl and unique box kite. Looking to fly at a lower altitude? Check out the Parachute Daredevil Jumper. Toss the figure with attached parachute as high as you can and watch it fall back to land. These fearless jumpers are available in a variety of colors to suit any mood. Young spies and birdwatchers (or the simply curious) will love Seedling’s fold up binoculars for investigating the world around them.

The Pocket Box of Party Tricks will entertain and amuse children as they practice their magic skills. Each kit includes magic cups, a pom pom, a plastic ball, magic illusion cards, cord and instructions. Kids find the tricks easy to master and will delight in putting on shows for family and friends.

17302_992792567399485_3535085691589698910_nFashionistas of all ages will love the new Cuppa Color line for Spring. The wooden beads are hand painted and available in a variety of shapes and colors strung on a leather cord. With Mother’s Day around the corner, consider a matching set for Mom and Child. DIY kits for the crafty kids are here now!

With new items arriving every day, Sunshine Sam has everything you need to let your young one’s imagination run wild! Stay in touch with the Sunshine Sam newsletter and Facebook page so you don’t miss a thing!

See you outdoors!


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