Teachers! Recharge this Summer with Guidance and Support

1017497_540903299288587_2003761346_nThe end of the school year means sun, loosened schedules, adventures, scrambling for activities, and then time for self-reflection. One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is the space and support to re-charge. It’s true for everyone, but especially those who work with children. That’s why Eloiza Jorge, one of the most talented life coaches focusing on supporting women and mothers in self-nurturing, is offering a summer special one-on-one coaching rate open to current, retired, part-time and former teachers. It’s also open to school administration and personnel. Her special rate of $47 per session is to help those who spend their days making children’s days brighter and better.

Why should those in education choose Eloiza as a Life Coach? She is a former classroom teacher, so she gets your passion & commitment. Eloiza also spends time in schools as an instructor and mentor to student-teachers. She is tuned into your need for support and self care. She is also just plain good at what she does. See the proof in these testimonials from all over the country.

In education? Do it for yourself. Need a special gift for someone in education? Do it for her! Contact Eloiza Jorge here.

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Not in education, but know you need a recharge as well? There’s a special deal for you too! Check it out below and contact Eloiza here.

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