3 Favorite Ideas for Battery-Free Camp Toys and Games

camp adventure pack

Adventure Camp Care Package

How are your summer camp preparations coming along? Send off is probably still a few weeks away, but it’s never too early to gather all the things your youngster might like to have tucked into his or her bag. With its 100% battery-free selection, Sunshine Sam has lots of fun and perfect-for-camp items!

Scavenger Hunt is the perfect take-along game. This tiny box is packed with 180 items and clues for players to choose from. Kids get to exercise their minds while having fun. Camp counselors love it because it makes for a great emergency game the whole bunk can enjoy!

Tell Tale is another big game in a small package. Players create unique stories based on the variety of images on the cards they draw. Pictures include iconic characters, emotions, settings and objects and the player who creates the best story wins. Kids can also remove the element of competition and just use the pictures to make up a story alone or in teams. It’s never the same game twice!

Another wonderful idea is Find it! Each cylinder contains 48 hidden objects in a sea of colorful beads. Shake it up and turn it over to reveal the contents… if you can! Even after an object is found, one slight movement and it becomes hidden again, challenging kids to keep searching. This game is perfect for the drive to camp or rainy day quiet time in the bunk. It can also become a team game or a challenge among friends. Versatile and travel-friendly – what more could you ask for?

Stop into Sunshine Sam and let Marlene help you put together the ultimate care package to ward off the homesick blues. If you missed our first installment of ideal items to tuck inside your camper’s pack or send off later as a mid-summer surprise or birthday treat, check it out here!

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