Make Getting There Easy with Sunshine Sam’s Top Travel Toys

11009197_1015072101838198_121043333839683018_nSummer vacation is here and that means time sitting in the car or on a plane headed to where fun times are waiting! Let Sunshine Sam Toy Store‘s completely battery-free selection help make the getting there fun too by keeping kids’ idle hands busy so you never get asked Are we there yet?  Sunshine Sam has everything you need to make traveling to your destination as fun as actually being on vacation!

Spot it! is a fun and fast-paced game sure to keep the kids amused. Each tin comes with a set of cards with illustrated pictures and there are several different theme editions to choose from including sports, alphabet, and numbers and shapes!  There are several variations of the game, each suited for ages 3 and up, and kids could make up their own games, too! Games can have up to 6 players, so everyone can get involved.

robot rummy

Robot Rummy is another fantastic on-the-go game. Based on the classic card game, this set features robots with tools and gears as suits. The cards are large enough for little hands to hold and come in a sturdy sliding tray box for easy storage and travel. Robot Rummy makes for an excellent beginning card game and is designed for children ages 5 and up.

You can’t go wrong with the classic Travel Bingo. Each set comes with markable bingo sheets and pencils inside a sliding tray box that can fit neatly into a glove compartment or seat-back pocket. The sheets show common sights on a road trip such as a gas station, restaurant, smoke stack, water tower and more! Kids can compete with each other or play on their own.


The magnetic, smooth surface doubles as a chalkboard for doodling and tic-tac-toe!

The cookie tray lap desk is a must-have for the car. The lip on the tray keeps art supplies from rolling away, and the top has a chalkboard surface, perfect for drawing and playing hangman or tic-tac-toe. It also supports books and tablets, as well as snacks. The cookie sheet top is magnetic, allowing for magnet play along the way.

The fun doesn’t end here! Check out everything Sunshine Sam has to offer and let Marlene help you pick out the perfect ensemble of travel toys!


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