#BlogHer15: Suggested Sessions for Small Online Businesses

BH15EAU_reg_hdr_02If you’re going to BlogHer this year, there is a lot of information to take in. There always is! Whether you’re splurging on the conference for fun or investing in networking and recruiting, it’s the place to be for online activity.

One of the greatest frustrations is not being able to attend everything — which is a good thing, right? Better too much than too little! Still, it can be disappointing to be left outside the doors to your MUST SEE panel or forced to choose between two sessions because they were scheduled at the same time. One thing we’ve learned is that proper planning can lessen the frustration and mitigate the disappointment. We have some suggestions for which sessions are a not-to-miss for small businesses.

MUST DOSpeed Dating, BlogHer Style is a must. This early session is the best use of any 30 minutes you have at BlogHer if you are looking to expand your social network. Have business cards ready, know your elevator pitch, move away from people you know, and focus on networking. It’s fun, quick, relatively painless (even for introverts!), and you’ll collect and share information that will grow your channels and perhaps make some important business contacts.

Day 1, Session 1: Pull yourself away from the wonderful panels focused on storytelling, and choose between one of the sessions focused on what you NEED.

  • You As A Brand: Personal Brand for Creatives Best for beginners, or those making a change. This session is to help clarify YOUR vision and your authentic brand.
  • Your Business Momentum: Branded Content Longform Already have your brand? No questions about your vision? Move on to gleaning best practices for creating branded content that will bring your business to the “next level.” No matter what you want that to be!
  • Writing Lab: especially Better Headlines This is for the small business that wants to share information through Google+, LinkedIn, blog or Facebook posts. A brick & mortar business needs location and signage; an online business needs catchy images and GREAT headlines! Bring ’em in, then hook them!

Day 1, Session 2: Avoid the timely sessions about #gamergate and writing your Great American Novel, and remember you’re here for your small business!

Day 2, Session 3: Now you have to avoid gaming and memoir writing, but it’s worth it. Session 3 has great stuff for you.

  • The Visual Web: Video Content Development and Storyboarding Do you use images and video to sell your services or products? Or do you want to? Don’t be fooled by those who make it look effortless — it’s all about planning! This session will get you started on the process.
  • You As A Brand: Brands & Bloggers Have you thought about using local or national bloggers to help amplify your products or services? It’s a lot more than “please” and “thank you”! Learn about the relationship between bloggers and brands from the experts.
  • Writing Lab: Compelling Sponsored Posts There are many free or low-cost options to getting the word out about your products. However, those often overflow with content. How can YOUR information stand out? This session is aimed at bloggers, but small business owners with small business budgets can benefit from this session as well.
  • Your Business Momentum: The Art of Assessing Your ROI from Various Value Positions Learn about how to get the most out of time spent on content creation and dissemination. What is worth your time to do yourself, and what should be outsourced.

We hope this has narrowed the BlogHer15 choices down for our favorite small business owners. Also highly suggested is to study up on WHERE panels and events are happening. Showing up early is a boon to those who want a guaranteed seat! And don’t forget to have some fun, too!


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