Colorful, fun, personalized: Sunshine Sam has got SQULZ!

40aca6b070d625289ec52cb773922a9aSometimes a store gets in a new product that’s so fun, they  just can’t wait to tell us all about them. Sunshine Sam’s latest in-store favorite is SQULZ. These neoprene and Velcro bracelets can be personalized to suit any personality. The bands themselves come in a variety of colors, but that’s not all! With close to 200 patches available, each bracelet is designed by the wearer, making it totally unique!

Squlz are more than just bracelets. The bold colors and clever designs make any piece of luggage stand out at the baggage claim. They will make a perfect back-to-school accessory to personalize a backpack. Use them to decorate just about anything! They can also be given out as party favors or prizes.

Each patch is removable, so the look can be changed daily to match a mood or an outfit. Trade patches with friends or try to get the whole collection. Kids can even make a cool new friendship bracelet for a BFF! Patches and bracelets come in a variety shapes, colors and designs. Themes include flags, video games, camp, flowers, hearts, sports, gems, cartoon words like “Pow!” and “Bam!” and, of course, skulls!


These creative and innovative accessories are the ultimate fashion statement. Let kids get creative and show their funky and imaginative sides with these fantastic interchangeable patches and bands. Kids of all ages will love to wear, tear and share!

Sunshine Sam carries SQULZ in-store only for now, so stop in at 40 West Passaic Avenue in Bloomfield, NJ to stock up!

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