Periscoping: Issues, Ease, Uses


It’s all the rage — all over the world people are #periscoping their moments. They are also sharing other people’s moments. Periscope picture quality ranges from fantastic to grainy, and there are a lot of, shall we say, Creepers. Even so, Periscope is a combination of Twitter and SnapChat and Chat Roulette in all the best and worst ways.

So, should you jump in? Sure, why not? It’s free, it’s easy to set-up on your phone, and you can be a voyeur for as long as you want. No one can force you to make a video, after all. There are some great things to see. Walking tours of Hong Kong. Cooking demonstrations in various languages. People smoking cigarettes in the dark. Lots of fun stuff!

We like this comprehensive Beginners Guide to Periscope from B2C. Check it out, and try out Periscope for a while. Explore the geography and different subjects. Let us know what you think in comments.

Caveat: As with all social media, there are concerns about privacy issues. Periscope, because it’s live and can be broadcasted from anywhere there is a smart phone (in other words, everywhere). This brings up issues with in-home broadcasts, age, bathrooms, classrooms, and broadcasting people without their permission or knowledge. Privacy issues are blasé, you say? Well, I guess we’re just old fogies. And we like it that way!

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