Build & Imagine StoryWalls: Award-Winning Holiday Gift Suggestion from Sunshine Sam

Buying holiday gifts for kids is can be difficult. With so many choices, it’s hard to know where you’ll get the best bang for your buck. At Sunshine Sam, we know what kids love and we are here to help you select high-quality, imaginative toys that are sure to please.

This holiday season, Sunshine Sam is proud to bring to you a collection of StoryWalls from Build & Imagine. These award-winning toys allow for creative play for both boys and girls in a gender-neutral fashion. Children can use illustrated magnetic panels to create their own playset scenes. Unlike other playsets where the house or scene is set for the child, StoryWalls allow the child to use their own skills and reasoning to create a structure and then use the accessory and people pieces to create any storyline they like. Each piece is magnetized, allowing children to use STEM skills like special reasoning and problem solving to build while actively engaging their inventive side and language skills while creating dramatic scenes.

build & imagine

Build & Imagine sets can work alone or together with other sets in series to create an even larger world. The Marine Rescue Center ties in perfectly with the Day at the Beach set which can then lead to Malia’s Beach House. Brand new to Sunshine Sam is the Fairytale Theater and Pet Portrait Studio! We love these toys because they cover so many interests and have the benefit of interchangeability, their staying power as a favorite toy is unparalleled.

Check out the Fairytale Theater below!

These sets are recommended for children ages four to eight years old. Made from durable wood core, and with ferrite block magnets (the safest and highest-grade magnet available) encased in plastic, they are built to last. The illustrated accessories have a protective finish, so they stand up to repeat play.

We’re confident you’ll love the Build & Imagine StoryWalls playsets we’ve chosen to carry in the store. Stop by or visit us online for all your holiday shopping needs!



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