Top Ten Stocking Stuffer Ideas from Sunshine Sam Toy Store

Once Santa is done putting the presents under the tree, he needs to start filling up those stockings. Hopefully he stopped by Sunshine Sam, where they have everything he needs to round out the holiday gift giving. Here are our Top Ten Stocking Stuffers to make the season bright for every child on your list!

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  1. Kaleidoscope Camera: Pretending to take pictures has never been so much fun! Kids will love seeing the world through a whole new lens with these camera-shaped kaleidoscopes.
  2. Idea Boxes: Available in a variety of themes, each box contains wooden coins designed to lead a child onto a task or idea. Pick one out to begin an adventure challenge or use it as a story-starter. Never the same game twice!
  3. Bring-A-Ball: Turn an ordinary balloon into a cloth covered ball with this portable balloon cover. Insert a deflated balloon, blow it up and tie. These 100% handmade cotton covers make an ordinary balloon extraordinary!
  4. Pom Pom Sling Shot: Safer than the old-fashioned alternative but just as much fun!
  5. Colored Pencils: This beautiful tin of pencils is perfect for your most serious artist.
  6. Ice Princess Crown Kit: Perfect for the inevitable snow day, this DIY kit turns anyone into icy royalty!
  7. Surprise Balls: Known as the ball you have to destroy to enjoy, these are a whole lot of fun in a stocking-sized package.
  8. Magic Snow: Are your kids always looking to bring snow inside? Now they can make snow inside! Snow from a test tube – you can’t go wrong!
  9. Magic Butterfly: Wind it up, hide it in a book or magazine, and then watch it flutter away when the book is opened. Kids love it!
  10. Dominos: Learn to play this fun and challenging game, or build a tower or a trick. Plenty of ways to have fun in one little box.

It’s easy to fill up a stocking with plastic junk that gets tossed in the trash by the time the tree comes down, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Check out the totally battery-free assortment of toys at SUNSHINE SAM for every age, stage, and interest. You’ll fill up those stockings in no time!

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