Making Periscope Work for You: Personal Edition

periscope heartsPeriscope has a huge following, and lots of businesses and entrepreneurs are making good use of it. And now that Twitter has added live Periscope broadcasts to timelines, the reach will be even wider. But before you jump in to promote your business, you may want to sharpen and polish your skills by taking time to just have fun. Fun with a purpose.

Once you’ve uploaded the Periscope App onto your iPhone or Android, set up your account, and taken a deep breath our suggestion is…don’t broadcast! Wait — what? We don’t mean do nothing, we mean wait on the broadcast — watch broadcasts.

Like to travel? Watch a few broadcasts from major channels like Travel Channel, Lonely Planet, or check out the world map of broadcasts and find a new location to explore.

Want exercise motivation? Love to cook? Feel like checking out national monuments or parks? It’s all there. When you browse broadcasts, look for hashtags that focus on your interests or goals to find places to land.

Overwhelmed? Use a site like Dextro Stream to focus the search, which has a rotating interest collection to choose from. Streamalong has a list of interests, tags, or live broadcasts to choose from.  Or the aptly named OnPeriscope has a more linear approach.

Another place to get ideas and to see what other new Scopers are doing is a Facebook group or “tribe.” PeriNewbies, various supports like LoveTribe can also be useful. Periscope with Purpose from Melissa at Blog Clarity is a fantastic resource, and she has an eBook that will help anyone getting started on Periscope. Let yourself explore without pressure and see what you find.

Let us know in comments what you’re finding and how you’re using Periscope for your personal interests.

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