Seven Ideas on How to Use Periscope for Small Business

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Periscope has allowed businesses to get even more creative in their marketing campaigns. The platform can be forgiving of bloopers because it’s live, but when used well, it can help bolster a flagging image and endear your business to a whole new audience. We’ve suggestion that you try out Periscope for yourself, personally, to get familiar with the platform. And it’s good to keep positives and negatives in mind. But there’s no denying that it is a fun and useful tool for businesses big and small.

Here are seven fantastic ideas on how to use Periscope for your small business.

Unboxing Broadcasts are effective for highlighting  products. With solid preparation and planning, these scopes can be used to gauge interest and spotlight products you want to move or introduce.

Favorites or Lists are always popular, and they can become a scheduled broadcast that gains followers and shares. Staff favorites, top upcoming products, best sellers, and more can all be branded and emphasized with your business personality.

Behind the Scenes peeks let followers feel a part of the action. This encourages support and loyalty, and allows the broadcaster to share her/his personality and a love for the business.

How To broadcasts can be used to great effect for businesses. Let your skills shine showing viewers how to wrap a gift, create a display, cook a popular order, or assemble a product you want to move.

Live Events are one-time opportunities to showcase products, personality, and location. In just a few minutes, your audience can feel a part of the action and locals can even be encouraged to attend!

FAQ broadcasts allow a business to answer customer questions live. Combine authentic questions with preparation and product views and you’ve got a useful and fun ad for your business.

Periscope is a fantastic tool, and its live component creates a certain energy and interaction that few platforms offer effectively. However, don’t be hoodwinked into believing that live has to mean spontaneous. When it comes to your business and maintaining your brand, plan ahead and prep your products. And don’t forget to have fun!

For help with Periscope, or any social media platform, contact Sandler & Wald Social Media. We’ll take care of the wrinkles and bumps to help you highlight your business.

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