Express Yourself: Facebook Edition

Living up to rumors and responding to cries of “I need a DISlike button for this,” today Facebook rolled out new ways to tell us how you really feel with minimal effort and vocabulary. They call it “reactions,” but still no DISlike. Too negative, apparently. Can’t have that on Facebook!


And when we first posted the announcement on our Facebook page, one of the first comments was “Couldn’t find the whatever one.” We can always dream.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Some wonder if the added “reactions” will diminish interactions between Facebook friends, and there is also a concern about whether Facebook’s algorithms will allow it to affect business page posts.

Buzzfeed made sure to chime in with some suggestions for a more comprehensive selection.


What types of reactions would you add to the list? Or will you just stick to the old-fashioned like button?

Now about the GIF option on Twitter


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