December’s Pop-Up Dinner Menu from Mundo Vegan and SO Tasty Vegan

Mundo Vegan Pop UpMundo Vegan and Sally Owens of SO Tasty Vegan will host the first of their monthly pop-up vegan dinners on Wednesday, December 6th at 7 PM. Inspired by the seasonal changes and including rich, autumn flavors, the four-course meal is 100% organic, gluten-free, and plant-based. Reservations are available by calling (973) 744-5503.

1st Course: Potato leek bisque with pumpkin crème fraiche, pickled cucumber, petit pea relish.

2nd Course: Avocado and white bean mousse, salt roasted beet and rutabaga, caper bagna cauda, and baby greens.

3rd Course: Quinoa risotto with wild mushrooms, cashew cream, smoked carrot, braised leek, pickled radish, and herbed cauliflower.

4th Course: Mint chocolate panna cotta with salted caramel and apple coulis, candied almond, and marshmallow.

This unique four-course experience is $65 per person, and guests are invited to bring their own wine or beer to supplement the meal. To take part in this inaugural Mundo Vegan and SO Tasty Vegan Pop-Up Dinner, call Mundo Vegan at (973) 744-5503, or stop in to 20 Church Street, Montclair NJ during regular business hours to reserve your seat.

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